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Αρχική holby city: essie

holby city: essie

[5] Wragg has labelled Essie as having "a big heart" and being "fantastic" at her nursing job. Condou explained that Ben behaves a "little bit smarmy" and Essie thinks he is behaving like a "twat". He reminded her of his words as he lay dying, that ‘love always wins.’ It was a message she was able to pass on to her colleagues when she told them to ‘Look after each other, forgive mistakes, find love wherever you can and live your wonderful lives.’. Wragg was happy that her character's arrival was not linked to nursing. Essie arrives at Holby City employed as an agency nurse working on the hospital's AAU and Keller wards. Holby City viewers were left fearing the worst during tonight's episode, convinced both Adrian "Fletch" Fletcher and Essie di Lucca were in danger.. "[49] As the story progresses, Essie begins dating Ben and eventually decides to tell him the truth about Isla. Holby City fans finally got the moment they’d been waiting for at the end of last month when Essie finally chose between Sacha and Ben.. Essie … While Joe is being treated on the ward junior doctor Zosia March (Camilla Arfwedson) becomes suspicious of his role in World War II and makes allegations against him. Frankie tells Essie that she is unable to cope with her baby, Isla and wants Essie to take care of her, which she agrees to. He goes to the hospital pharmacy where he finds pharmacist Mel Watson (Jocelyn Jee Esien), takes her hostage brandishing an infected needle and pleads for drugs. Sacha, Fletch, Dominic (David Ames) and everyone who’d loved Essie were devastated. Dominic suggested the Kardashians as a suitable subject of conversation, but of course Hanssen had absolutely no clue what he was talking about and instead almost bored her to death on the spot talking about Babylonian kings. [35] She soon realises Ben is just trying to get acquainted with his new colleagues and begins to like him. [17] Sacha's Wragg told a What's on TV reporter that Essie knows it will be inevitable that Sacha's children will be a part of her life but she is not ready. "[14] Essie tries to make excuses not to see them and Dominic notices her reluctance and makes it more difficult for her to be dishonest. In addition writers decided to portray another cancer story alongside Essie's, featuring Adrian "Fletch" Fletcher (Alex Walkinshaw). [27] He also thought it would be inevitable that they would clash at times, which he was looking forward to portraying. A writer for What's on TV stated that "Essie is plagued with guilt over Josef's past". "[28] When Raf tries to talk to Parker about Essie, he accidentally reveals that they are in a relationship. He described the story as "two most caring nurses now have to care for each other" in their cancer battle. Essie realises she must tell Sacha the truth. ... Sacha’s colleagues are concerned by his nonchalant behaviour, following Essie’s death, but will he turn them all away in favour of a stranger? The plot leads to Wragg's character being killed off in the show's 1033rd episode, broadcast on 11 August 2020. She added that "at this particular point in her life she’s less afraid of the word cancer and more fearful of losing the chance of becoming a mum. Holby City has confirmed a comeback … Wragg added "Essie realises the situation isn't going to go away. McFadden stated that Raf is "a bit of a sentimentalist and got attached to her." He thought Essie needed a reason to fight the cancer and carry on, and that without Isla she might just give up. HOLBY CITY's Essie is haunted by the ghost of late husband Raf as she continues to come to terms with her cancer returning. Sacha and Dominic reveal a rumour that Ben got a nurse pregnant at his previous hospital after a one-night stand. [45] He tells Essie that she will need to undergo a hysterectomy to survive. Is Essie going to die in Holby City? "[41], The scenes become sinister when Ivor decides to seek out morphine to treat his addiction. Essie was raised by Joe, so she considers him to be her hero and the revelation throws "Essie's world into complete disarray". The actor stated that Raf develops feelings for Essie because he is not "sophisticated enough" for a friends with benefits arrangement. It does not shy away from tackling the tragedy of sexual assault, the complexities of gender identity, and the moral quandaries that plague doctors on a daily basis. HOLBY City fans are terrified Essie and Fletch will be killed off after last night’s episode saw Fletch rushed into hospital for emergency surgery amid his prostate cancer battle. [37] Condou told Lorraine Kelly that the situation is "awkward" because Dominic is Essie's best friend. Next week on Holby City, Essie makes a difficult decision, Fletch reveals some sad news and Jac fights for Darwin. She added that "she finds him really endearing" and "sees a really vulnerable person, who needs care and attention. Tonight’s Holby City featured the incredibly emotional exit of much loved character Essie Di Lucca, (Kaye Wragg). McFadden explained that Raf "realises just how much he loves Essie and how much he wants to commit. [45] Essie begins to feel unwell while staying with them. [10] But the newspapers become aware of her situation and run the story. Sarah Millican horrifies with grim story on why she kept dog’s poo in her fridge, stay updated on all things soaps at our homepage. 1 Biography 1.1 Early life 1.2 Grandfather's Nazi revelation and death 1.3 Raf's murder 2 Behind the scenes When Essie was a child, her mother Maggie was killed in a car accident. A BBC Online reporter also revealed that Essie secretly struggles to deal with Sacha's two demanding ex-wives and children. He tries hard to impress Essie but often often says the wrong things. [27] Raf was later killed off when McFadden chose to leave the series. Add a comment. Essie surprises Raf and agrees to marry him. [27] McFadden added that Sacha eventually accepts that Essie marrying Raf is in her best interests. Find out more », Wayne Rooney responds to rumours John Terry is frontrunner for Derby County job, Black mums campaign for diverse Christmas decorations with powerful advert, Missing Brit may not be in mountains as police look at ‘other options’. Holby City was at its heartbreaking best as Essie died before her wedding to Sacha Sue Haasler Tuesday 11 Aug 2020 9:00 pm Share this article via … They became friends again just as Essie went for her scan and Dominic’s face told her all she needed to know: ‘It’s back. "[49], In one episode Isla becomes ill and Essie is unaware of her medical history. [46] Essie's cancer story resumed during an episode where she attends a regular cancer check up. [30] Raf reaches his decision when he learns that his brother Giuseppe Di Lucca (Iain Robertson) is being unfaithful to his wife. Holby City nurse Essie Di Lucca will have her life turned upside down all over again when she attends her six-month cancer check-up tonight (March 31).. He also does not consider how his relationship may effect his family. "[41] Essie manages to convince Ivor to set them free. As he does Sacha rushes into the room and pushes Ivor onto broken glass and he ruptures his aneurysm. Holby City's Essie Harrison died in a heartbreaking twist on tonight's final episode. The actress added that Essie is "madly in love with Sacha" and the physical need for a child takes over. [5], When she returns Essie reveals that she slept with another man and Sacha no longer wants to be with her. [37] Ben decides to be honest about his sexuality and comes out as gay. Of her return Wragg stated: "Essie is a such a layered character that I can't wait to see how things unfold once I return. As a nurse, she navigates the rough waters of a challenged healthcare system, doing everything she can to provide her patients with the best care possible, even if that means breaking the rules (and sometimes especially so – sticking it to sticklers gives her an insubordinate thrill). [39], In July 2016, Holby City aired a dramatic hostage situation for Essie. The character is killed-off as she prepares for her wedding to Sacha and her death featuring in the episode had not been revealed prior to transmission. Mel suffers an asthma attack but he forbids Essie from helping her colleague. [46] The show's executive producer Simon Harper said that his team originally thought they could not have two cancer stories running concurrently. It’s certainly not looking too promising for the character at the moment, having discovered in April that the disease had returned. Harper added Kate Verghese, the story producer, pitched the idea of a Jewish doctor being conflicted by a Nazi. Sacha decides to take Essie to Wales to escape the negative press attention. Producers decided to revisit the story in 2020, when Essie learns her cancer has returned. Find out when Holby City is on TV, including Series 22-Episode 28. Essie Harrison[1] (also Di Lucca) is a fictional character from the BBC medical drama Holby City, played by actress Kaye Wragg. Wragg described their interactions as "lovely" and warned their "spark" could develop into a romance. She was very worried that his mental health wouldn’t be strong enough to deal with the news and even had a go at breaking up with him so she wouldn’t have to tell him. [36] In another episode, Ben gets close to Dominic and kisses him. Holby City spoilers. Raffaello "Raf" Di Lucca (died 5 December 2017) was a registrar in general surgery who worked at Holby City Hospital.. [25] Wragg told Tyler that each time they filmed as scene as Essie and Raf infront of Sacha, "it felt like such a betrayal." [33] The development was first teased in an advance spoiler trailer. She is characterised as an opinionated nurse who is not afraid to challenge the healthcare system. With Hugh Quarshie, Rosie Marcel, Jaye Jacobs, Bob Barrett. [30] Essie and Raf marry in a registry office and do not tell their friends. [34] Essie and Ben share a kiss during his debut episode. Parker is angry with Essie and she feels a failure for not being honest with him. [2] Rosa Doherty from The Jewish Community said that it was an "unlikely bond" under the circumstances with her grandfather. For at least the past year, Holby City has brought forth some of the most quality television to hit the screen. Essie manages to locate Ivor and tries to convince him to let Mel go, but he takes her hostage too. Technically, she has a child that isn't hers, and by law, shouldn't still have. He decides to leave and Raf supports Essie through her distress. Essie notices the tension between the two but is relieved when Joe is revived. Both are battling serious illnesses, with Fletch (Alex Walkinshaw) facing prostate cancer and Essie (Kaye Wragg) is undergoing intensive chemotherapy. Other stories include being held hostage by a patient, unauthorised parenting and a promotion to the hospital's transplant coordinator. dynamic" further. I'm looking forward to the clashes!' Holby City spoilers: Series 22 Episode 26. But where Essie had support, Ivor’s got nobody. But they added that the storyline had viewers "gripped" to the show. [46] He also hoped it would raise awareness of cancer and praised Wragg and Walkinshaw's "heart-breaking performances". [13] Essie's independent nature is sometimes a problem for Sacha because he likes to feel depended upon. It was back in February that we learned that her cancer was back, and it was Dominic who was with her when Essie found out. If you’ve got a soap or TV story, video or pictures get in touch by emailing us soaps@metro.co.uk – we’d love to hear from you. Episode guide, trailer, review, preview, cast list and where to stream it on demand, on catch up and download. This is a fitting epitaph for a character who was nurturing, supportive and loving but who could also be judgemental. https://www.radiotimes.com/news/soaps/2020-07-23/holby-city-essie-death-raf Daniel Kilkelly of Digital Spy reported that Essie would resume her nursing duties at the hospital and her relationship with Sacha. A What's on TV reporter said the development left Sacha "stunned". [20] In September 2016, writers took Essie in a new direction when they decided to end Essie and Sacha's relationship. Sacha admits he never wanted another child and they decide to break-up. I don't think he was conscious of the fact he was living a lie — it's so deeply buried. She made plenty of mistakes herself but always acknowledged them eventually; she was funny, fierce and loyal and was always there to pick up others when they were down. She is also played as a warm person who makes a good friend for fellow characters and strives to provide excellent patient care. [5][7], Essie is introduced into the show as the granddaughter of sick patient Joe Goodridge (Julian Glover). Essie has been involved in other relationship stories featuring registrar Raf di Lucca (Joe McFadden), which resulted in marriage, and locum consultant Ben Sherwood (Charlie Condou). ", "Holby City: Henrik Hanssen, Oliver Valentine, Essie Harrison to return", "Holocaust Memorial Day 2015: Holby City Producer Simon Harper", "How Holby tackled a story from the Shoah", "Paula torments daughter Jac at her weakest moment", "Holby City Series 17 - 26. The twenty-second series of the British medical drama television series Holby City began on BBC One on 7 January 2020 in the United Kingdom. Holby City shock as Essie’s man Ben kisses her best friend Dom He's facing a huge dilemma now . Essie has been battling cancer (Picture: BBC) Things aren’t looking too good for Essie (Kaye Wragg) in Holby City at the moment, as she continues to … [53], For her portrayal of Essie, Wragg was nominated for Best Drama Star at the 2020 Inside Soap Awards. Dominic attends the appointment with Essie to spare Sacha the worry. The actor added that "the relationship is really lovely actually but obviously there's Sacha in the background as the two of them have had an on-off relationship for years. I adore working with Bob Barrett and am very excited to work alongside his big hearted Sacha again, ups and downs regardless. It is then revealed that he is an escaped Nazi war criminal which shocks Essie because she was completely unaware. Wragg added "Sacha is the only one that is in cahoots and when someone is part of your lie and they keep it a secret, you can believe it even more. Condou told Metro's Calli Kitson that Ben sees himself as "quite confident" and a "ladies man". She is enjoying having Sacha to herself in the early stages of their romance. [8] Harper explained to a representative of the Holocaust Educational Trust, that Holby City thrives from stories of character's professional ethics being challenged by their personal demons. Essie puts on a brave face Sue Haasler is the author of five novels and the official BBC Holby City book, which you can read about here. She makes a great friend for other characters and a writer from BBC Online branded her "a rock". [12] In October 2014, it was announced that Wragg had been asked to return to the show on a permanent basis. [41] The story helped to showcase Essie's backstory as she tries to talk Ivor down and discloses her own past addictions. [23] Barratt told Laura-Jayne Tyler from Inside Soap that their romance played a part in Sacha's despression because it "knocked him for six". The scenes featured Essie struggling with the fact she is unable to get pregnant. [40] Despite this, Wragg believed Essie was in control and not frightened of Ivor despite his violent threats. Wragg believed Sacha has "the best of both worlds" and does not want to ruin his "fantastic" relationship with Essie. New trailer also confirms John Barrowman guest appearance, and cancer storylines for Fletch and Essie. The second being whether Sacha's family will ultimately be able to accept Essie. The producers could've at least allowed Essie to have her wedding before she passed away.. Essie is characterised as warm nurse with a rebellious side and is not afraid to challenge the healthcare system. [22], Essie was later paired with registrar Raf di Lucca (Joe McFadden) as they embark on a casual relationship. [9] Essie is then offered a job at Holby City hospital and she develops a friendship with colleague Sacha. "[33], Ben was originally scripted as a new "bad guy" in Essie's life, but the production decided to change his personality and play more comedy in the story. Very soon it became clear that the chemo wasn’t working and the only option for Essie was palliative care. Dominic views the scan and tells a devastated Essie that her cancer has returned. McFadden told Wilson that the pair did not want any drama at their wedding. From Digital Spy. "[38] The story ends with Ben leaving the hospital and Essie getting back together with Sacha. "[6] Essie is an opinionated character and does not shy away from voicing them in medical scenarios. The story was run alongside another cancer storyline featured in Holby City, a decision taken to raise awareness of the statistically high occurrence of cancer in society. Condou commented that their relationship causes tension between Essie and Sacha. [8], The storyline concluded on-screen as Sacha decided to cancel surgery on Joe because of his Jewish background, despite medical professionals being required to treat all patients equally regardless of their views. She was right that Sacha was going to find it hard to cope, and he reacted to Essie’s efforts to get Isla’s future settled by persuading Isla’s mother to stay away. They felt that if Essie had become too involved in John Gaskell's (Paul McGann) evil story, they would have had to kill her off. [54] Tyler (Inside Soap) wrote that she and audiences "were thrilled" that Essie returned to the series. Cowardly Cameron struggles to be the hero, but will he come up smelling of roses? Wragg believed that Essie had a "unique relationship" with Henrik, she felt able to confide in him and she wanted him to treat her. How could she leave Isla to an uncertain future? "[31] McFadden commented that the proposal added "jeopardy" to their relationship because Raf is unsure if she will accept. Despite this, Sacha always plays a key role in the stories and the pair eventually reunite. Series. [2] Wragg was originally employed by the show as a recurring cast member but was later invited back to play the role on a permanent basis. The series consists of 52 episodes. [30] McFadden explained that their wedding would be low-key because of Raf's need for privacy after his previous failed marriage. Shortly after Fletch was given the all-clear, Essie was told that she didn’t have very long left. [45], In 2020, producers decided to revisit Essie's cancer story with the disease returning once again. So she wants to be the person that helps him. [2] Zosia wants to discover the truth and prevents Joe from signing a form instructing doctors not to revive him. One of the character's prominent stories during her later tenure focused on her ovarian cancer diagnosis which resulted in a hysterectomy for her survival. We know Essie was a bit wild in her younger years, but it’s revealed she had drug problems; not to the same level as Ivor, but she certainly understands addiction. Wragg branded it "tiny highlight" of the issues that arise from unauthorised parenting. Wragg explained "what you find out about Joe is very dramatic, and there are lots of layers for Essie to unravel." Holby City (1999– ) Episode List. [46] Wragg released a statement regarding the plot stating that "showing the real struggle of two nurses sharing an illness together yet being alone in their own torture of what their futures hold is Holby at its best. Wragg told What's on TV's Wilson that Essie is inexperienced with caring for a teenager and "doesn't really know how to deal with them. ", "Holby City producer Simon Harper reveals more story teasers: 'We'll crack Hanssen open again, "Holby's Joe McFadden: 'Essie's a good match for Raf. [51] Laura Denby, writing for the Radio Times, hoped that Essie's death would have "a profound effect on every character" and expected it to "change the show forever". Essie decides to return to London to visit a doctor but tries to avoid Holby City hospital. By Entertainment Daily. He realises he could never behave like his sibling. They go on a journey together and learn "their worst fears" and "lost opportunities" amidst an uncertain future. [29] Of Essie's fostering success, Wragg stated "when Essie took on Parker, it was a big shock for her to suddenly have this very different life, but I always knew she'd be a great mum. Be back end of July/August time. ", "Will Holby City's Essie Harrison lose teen Parker Whitfield? Harper explained that a "final act of repentance" for the character would have been insulting to survivors. She envisions a "little family unit". Her "slatternly domestic ways" annoy him because it reminds him of his daughters. We knew she was terminally ill and didn’t have long to live, but in this particular episode it seemed there might be some time left for her to find a little happiness with Sacha. Parker's mother Kim returns and asks Parker to move to Gibraltar with her. He revealed that he and Wragg enjoyed the playing story with Sacha's jealously. (2015), When Wragg finished filming her original stint on Holby City, producers discussed the possibility of a future return. The story held consequences for Essie as she is forced to deal with the reality of her grandfather's past. Essie decides to convince Sacha they should be together. [28] The pair later get along better and her fostering becomes a success. 25 Oct 2020 31 Oct 2020. He believed Essie felt "torn" because she does still have feelings for Sacha but cannot be with him. She commented that upon watching "We were like a proud mum at the school nativity play. [40] The following week, Ivor is readmitted to hospital and diagnosed with a pseudoaneurysm and sepsis. She first appeared in the series sixteen episode "My Name Is Joe", broadcast on 6 May 2014. Holby City has once again left us with a heartbreaking ending as Essie tragically passed away on her wedding day. She is characterised as an opinionated nurse who is not afraid to challenge the healthcare system. She explained that "Estelle's brilliant at her job and she's trying to get on with it, but now she's starting to question herself. His departure sees him shot dead by Fredrik Johanssen (Billy Postlethwaite). [40] Wragg told What's on TV's Wilson that her character "likes to champion the underdog" and those who appear beyond help. [36] Essie eventually tells Fletch the truth who decides to involve social services to make a final decision about Isla's care. Essie was worried for a while that she'd messed it all up, but the beauty of it is that they're both at an age where they don't want any other relationships. [35] Essie initially does not like Ben's flirting due to struggles in her personal life. Her death came gently but suddenly, with no time for final goodbyes. [3] Wragg also appears as Essie in a two-part crossover episode with Holby City's sister show, Casualty, originally broadcast in March 2019.[4]. [14] Essie later secures a job as the hospital's new Transplant coordinator. [16] Essie is convinced that Sacha's Jewish family will not accept her because of her grandfather's past. Her need to have a child of her own also causes problems. [26] McFadden later told Wilson from What's on TV that Essie and Raf are compatible because they are "both traditional" and want a serious relationship. She’s going to leave a massive hole that will be hard to fill. When Frankie Rendell (Sophie Harkness) is admitted to Keller, she reveals that she is Raf's relative. Includes exclusive content, spoilers and interviews before they're seen on the site. Essie does not want Isla taken into care and knows she can offer a good home. Wragg explained that Essie did not want to see her former colleagues and the move was accidental. The show's producer Simon Harper was fond of the pairing but tasked his writing team to create a series of dilemmas for them. Holby City was a tearjerker tonight.. Holby City has been off air since August 11, after running out of the stockpile of episodes filmed before the UK lockdown in March.. Wragg believed that Essie "wants to fight their corner because she knows they've probably had a lot of people turn their back on them, so she immediately keeps the doorway open for them to talk. Major Holby City spoilers follow from tonight's (August 11) episode, which some readers may prefer to avoid.. Holby City aired Essie Di Lucca's final scenes tonight as she passed away on her wedding day. [47], In 2019, producers devised an unauthorised parenting story for the character. Essie is upset because it is a final confirmation that she will never be able to conceive a child of her own. Her introduction to the show was controversial and featured the discovery that her grandfather Joe Goodridge (Julian Glover) was an escaped Nazi war criminal. When their colleagues find out they make a spectacle of the wedding news. Joe McFadden is set … She commented that they "see the goodness in the story and Essie cares for Isla for "the right reasons". Barrett told Katy Moon from Inside Soap that Sacha underestimates the situation when he asks her. He explained that writers had planned "big questions" for them to face. [50], McFadden confirmed in July 2020 that Essie would be leaving Holby City at the conclusion of her cancer story. Sign in to like videos, comment, and subscribe. Tonight's shocking Holby City scenes saw Guy and Ric's feud reach a cataclysmic climax, while Nicky and Cameron got passionate and Sacha and Essie hit … [15] The duo's relationship faces fresh problems when Sacha wants Essie to meet his children. Condou told Sue Crawford of the Metro that "I genuinely believe Ben was in love with Essie and wanted to marry her. Is Debenhams still open and when will the stores be closing down? [21] Wragg was shocked when she learned that writers ended the relationship. On 5 December 2017, with the arrival of the eminent neurosurgeon John Gaskell, Essie suggested that Raf seize the opportunity to "impress the impressive". Photo credit: BBC. Sacha's Jewish mother Esther Levy (Frances Cuka) is furious and orders Sacha to stop seeing Essie. Like with Raf before him, Ben has to contend with Essie's on-off relationship with Sacha. The soap announced it was taking a break today after running out of episodes, and fans were left distraught after Essie died after battling cancer. Sacha soon discovers they are involved with each other and confronts them. [45] Henrik Hanssen (Guy Henry) treats Essie and she is diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She's a fantastic nurse with a big heart, but a broken life that leaves her unsure of who she is and where she's going. Condou added that Ben "definitely falls for Essie in a big way. She is an independent female with "spontaneous, emboldening and fun" characteristics. (Video)", "Holby City: Raf di Lucca is killed off as Joe McFadden bows out of the medical drama", "Holby City star speaks out on Ben and Essie's new romance", "10 huge spoilers from the Holby City winter trailer", "Holby City spoilers: Coronation Street star Charlie Condou reveals what's in store for Dr Ben Sherwood", "Holby City star Charlie Condou speaks out after Ben's exit", "Holby's Kaye Wragg: Essie takes control of a tense situation, then Sacha charges in", "no, just had a 3 month break. The actress added "the idea of being the 'stepmum' is a bit frightening for her. Wragg's casting was publicised in February 2014. [52] Essie departs in the twenty-fifth episode of series 22, broadcast on 11 August 2020. Wragg's departure were one of the final scenes filmed before Holby City paused production due to the coronavirus pandemic and feature in the show's final episode before going on a transmission break. [2] Wragg told Katy Moon from Inside Soap that Essie and Joe's storyline was unusual and this attracted her to take the role. [32], Essie's next relationship is with newly introduced character, locum consultant Ben Sherwood (Charlie Condou). As Essie’s Holby ‘family’ waited for her in the multi-faith chapel for a hastily arranged wedding to her beloved soul-mate Sacha (Bob Barrett), Fletch (Alex Walkinshaw) and Essie made their way there with Fletch pushing Essie in a wheelchair because she was too weak to walk. Sasha had already been married twice and shares children with both ex-partners. X", "Kaye Wragg is back at Holby City but there's more sadness in store for nurse Essie Di Lucc", "Holby City trailer previews Guy Self return and Fletch and Essie cancer story", "Holby City kicks off Essie Di Lucca's sad story", "Holby City's Essie di Lucca receives life-changing news", "Holby City promises happier times for Essie Di Lucca", "Holby City review with spoilers: Showdown as Xavier finds out what happened in the lift", "Former Holby City star Joe McFadden confirms exit for Essie Di Lucca", "Essie Di Lucca's tragic ending will change Holby City forever", "Holby City airs tragic exit for Essie Di Lucca as Kaye Wragg bows out of role", "Inside Soap Awards reveals full longlist for 2020's ceremony", "Holby City spoilers: Essie's secret about Isla gets out! [24] McFadden told Tyler that he was surprised when he learned Essie and Raf would become romantically involved. He was particularly interested in stories of escaped war criminals and he believed it was inevitable that he would cover the subject during his career. [3] The actress told Hannah Verdier from TV Magazine that she was enjoying playing the character. [33] Ben and Sacha become "competitors" which is difficult and "very awkward" because Sacha is a "genuinely lovely guy" just like Ben. Holby City writers clearly demonstrate this when she is played getting herself into trouble with hospital management for interfering with a high-profile patient's choice of surgery. The two had fallen out over him kissing her then boyfriend Ben Sherwood (Charlie Condou) and her hiding the truth about Isla from him. Essie Harrison (also Di Lucca) is a fictional character from the BBC medical drama Holby City, played by actress Kaye Wragg. "[14] Essie decides to forget her doubts and go ahead with spending time with Sasha's family. Photo credit: BBC. The need for Isla's medical history leads Essie to tell Sacha the truth. Part 13 of Mashed Up Tropes Fics; Language: English Words: 4,205 Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 3 Kudos: 42 Hits: 224 Here's a full collection of all the biggest moments coming up... 1. Condou said Ben leaves because he also feels "awkward" and finds it "difficult" that Essie left him for another man. There are going to be future complications with that and also future happiness. I know it's only acting, but that was very sad.. Squeeze The Pips", "Holby City's Kaye Wragg: The idea of being the 'stepmum' frightens Essie! "[55], "She loves that man to pieces. Joe's final scenes see Essie and Sacha witness him voicing hateful opinions about the Jewish community. Essie, who … [2], Holby City Producer Simon Harper personally decided to create the storyline because he had a European upbringing and studied the Holocaust extensively. [9] Essie begins working on the AAU ward. Essie's professionalism in her nursing role also attracts Rafs to her. [40] Wragg explained that Essie puts herself in danger because "she's like a dog with a bone" and thought she could help Ivor. Holby City spoilers: Series 22 Episode 5 Eastieoaks 45 mins ago Sacha shows no sign of depression, post Great Aunt Maria dying, and his outpouring of grief. He is also suffering from effects of drug withdrawal and he bonds with Essie over his drug addiction. [8] The production team was also keen to portray antisemitism in the spotlight. Join the community by leaving a comment below and stay updated on all things soaps at our homepage. The character made her on-screen debut during the series sixteen episode "My Name Is Joe", which was broadcast on 6 May 2014. He decides to keep quiet and let her continue to care for Isla. She just wanted to enjoy being in love for a bit longer before the reality of family life kicked in. Their romance is over-shadowed because Sacha and his family are Jewish and they struggle to accept her due to Joe's actions. As scenes air viewers realise that he is not confident. [11], —Wragg on Essie and Sacha's relationship. [40] Wragg praised Sampson's performance and spoke her amazement of his change from comedy character to "real ragged monster". 19 Feb 2020, 12:05 | Updated: 29 Feb 2020, 03:21. The story begins when Essie treats patient Ivor Weiland (Ryan Sampson) on AAU and she gets along well with Ivor's comedic personality. She seems really sorted and then all these cracks appear, which makes her great to play. Essie's main stories have been centric to her relationship with registrar Sacha Levy (Bob Barrett). The final episode before Holby's latest hiatus saw Essie and Sacha decide to bring their nuptials forward, determined not to waste more time. Wragg told Sue Crawford of Daily Express that Essie left to "catch up with her life". Biography Death. Then Dominic learns that Ben is going to propose to Essie despite their kiss, which makes it "all the more awkward". While others remained loyal to her pairing with Sacha. [18], Months later on-screen Essie's feelings completely changed and she announces that she wants a baby. She noted that Essie and Sasha had a turbulent relationship, adding "it's not always been plain sailing for the pair. The BBC medical drama returned to screens tonight (November 10) after a three-month break, with a special episode primarily focusing on coronavirus . Sacha and Essie were about to tie the knot in … The actress added that "despite the good reasons behind it, it is legally and ethically wrong. [9] Holocaust survivor Kitty Hart-Moxon visited the set to talk to cast and crew of the storyline's importance. Condou told Sophie Dainty from Digital Spy that the duo get into a relationship "fairly quickly". He really likes her. [12] In an interview with Daniel Kilkelly of Digital Spy (October 2015), producer Simon Harper declared of his love for the pairing, but warned of his intention to develop the "will they / won't they?' I’ve got cancer.’. [22], The pair end their romance and Raf has a short-lived relationship with drug addict Kim Whitfield (Louisa Clein). [26], Essie fosters teenager Parker Whitfield (Louis Davison), who is the son of Raf's ex-girlfriend Kim. "[46] She described it as "tough" to watch but believed it would resonate well with cancer sufferers. The situation "tricky" especially as Ben believes he has a long-term future with Essie. "[41], Wragg took a three-month break from the series in 2018 and teased on Twitter that Essie's story was "not quite over". Essie’s main battles were with her own conscience – was she letting people down? Wragg explained that "Essie ends up having to divulge details of her personal life to him. McFadden was also keen for their relationship to be fully explored. Estelle "Essie" Di Lucca (née Harrison; 2 September 1974 – 23 June 2020) was a staff nurse who worked on Holby City Hospital's Keller Ward. [49] Essie tells other characters that she has adopted Isla. Wragg said that even Essie is beginning to believe Isla is her own child. They were each able to understand what the other one was going through and offer encouragement, but even with Fletch Essie had to put on a brave face when he insisted ‘If you give up, what hope have I got?’ It was only when we saw Essie alone, or in a touching scene with a kind hospital volunteer, that she was able to fully express her own fears. The actor added that Sacha needs to stop being possessive and give Essie some space. [19] Wragg told Laura-Jayne Tyler of Inside Soap that the realisation was unexpected for Essie, but she is of the age and she realises the joy having children creates for women. Holby City spoilers. Wragg believed that Essie really loves Sacha and she makes him realise that they want the same things out of life, to be "settled and happy". Guy Self returns to Holby with a former patient, Essie's friends are determined to be as normal as possible as she endures her second round of chemotherapy, and Max makes an announcement regarding the future of Darwin. She confides in friend and colleague Dominic Copeland (David Ames) that she is not ready. [41] The story also served as a catalyst for relationship problems between Essie and Sacha. They later realised they should because cancer statistically affects many people during their lifetime. "[41] Despite his appearance, Ivor is a "very charismatic" character and Essie finds his comedy "really charming". There was hope that she’d recover from it again as she had once before, but Essie seemed to know that wouldn’t happen and her first thought was for Isla, the baby she’d been raising, and for Sacha. The first questioning whether or not Essie has left having children too late in her life. Today’s the day of his ground-breaking Bowel Transplant Operation, but Max is concerned, having realised Sacha’s struggled with his mental health in … [22] Wragg acknowledged that some viewers were "excited" about Essie's relationship with Raf. Wragg decided to accept the role because she liked Essie's introduction into the series. It's not going to be plain-sailing and very complicated for everyone involved. Along the way people wished her well, and Essie looked happy and relaxed. Essie struggles to bond with him, so Raf tries to support Essie and help them. He added that it was interesting that the two characters had both been "longing to have a family of their own." "[16] Their colleague, Victoria Wilson was delighted that Essie chose Sacha over Ben following a proposal of marriage. Appearing in a behind-the-scenes video released by the show, the actor revealed that the story forms Wragg's exit from the show. She first appeared in the series sixteenepisode "My Name Is Joe", broadcast on 6 May 2014. "[29], Writers remained committed to developing the couple and in later episodes Raf decides to ask Essie to marry him. One of Essie's personality traits is her ability to recognise people's "inner turmoil" and help them. She ends up being taken there after other hospitals are over capacity. "[49] Viewers wrote on the social networking website Twitter that they were worried for Essie during the story. At the time of writing, it certainly looks like Essie will be leaving Holby City. Tragically, Fletch arrived at the multi-faith room alone, to break the news that Essie had died moments earlier. "[12] A writer from What's on TV similarly stated that "Essie and Sacha's relationship has certainly had its ups and downs. [42][43] The show's producer's decided to write Essie out to protect the character. Holby is never all doom and gloom, and even in the middle of sadness they find moments of amusement, such as the time when Henrik Hanssen (Guy Henry) was recruited to sit by Essie’s bedside as she had chemotherapy. Much of her support came from Fletch, himself going through cancer treatment for part of the time. Watch later Writers soon revisited Raf and Essie's story, with McFadden confirming it would be a serious relationship. ", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Essie_Harrison&oldid=991847400, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 2 December 2020, at 03:11. Essie has always been a strong character, but Holby resisted the cliched narrative of someone ‘battling’ cancer. Holby City Bob Barrett has spoken out about Sacha Levy's shocking new romance with Jodie Rodgers. Is Essie Di Lucca leaving Holby City? [8] He noted that Joe's story worked well against pitted Jewish registrar Sacha Levy (Bob Barrett) having to treat a patient pretending to be "a sweet old man" despite him helping to kill Jews in World War II. Gregarious and mischievous, Essie is warm, sparky and rebellious. "[35], Writers soon introduced issues into their relationship. [44] Essie returns to the series in July 2018 after spending time with Raf's family in Scotland. Essie’s death came as a shock because of the circumstances around it. [3] Essie returned to the show during the series seventeen episode titled "Squeeze the Pips" (7 April 2015). She is also played as a warm person who makes a good friend for fellow characters and strive… Holby City star Bob Barrett on how the BBC medical drama will be paying homage to the NHS and how Sacha is hit with terrible grief. [48] Wragg told Daniel Kilkelly from Digital Spy that "Essie became a mum in a very unconventional manner. Canon Divergence: Bernie's never yet worked at Holby City General Hospital when they have an encounter amid snow and ice. The everyday lives, professional and personal, of the doctors, nurses and patients who find themselves, for various reasons, in the wards of the frenetic cardiac unit of Holby City General Hospital. Sign in. Wragg liked that the story divided viewer opinion. He does not realise their romance is not serious and in his angst he collapses with chest pain. Essie arrives at Holby City employed as an agency nurse working on the hospital's AAU and Keller wards. In a beautiful episode last month Essie’s late husband Raf (Joe McFadden) ‘came back from the dead.’ He wasn’t portrayed as a ghost, but as though he’d been conjured up by Essie’s mind to help her try to make sense of the fact that she was going to die at such a young age. Wragg concluded that "this incident wakes Essie up to a lot of home truths. She added that the crew agreed with her and after several months had pass, the feeling on-set remained the same. "[45] The actress found playing a patient very different; she filmed many scenes in a hospital bed and wanted to sleep after finding it hard to focus.

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